Cierra Spice Galleries

In this week’s Cierra Spice galleries update the lovely brunette has another superb scene to show off to you. She decided to go for another solo shoot but for this one the naughty and horny little woman went for a outdoor theme to the scene. Like hot Cierra Lynch, she adores to shoot. So she grabbed the camera crew and set out to the park where she’d use it to her own dirty little purposes. On the way there you could already see that this sexy woman was getting horny just thinking about getting naked in public and the risk that she may very well be caught and fined.

But hey, what’s life without a little bit of risk right? And that’s why everyone loves CierraSpice , she just has this way of being wild and that seems to work as a major turn on. Well once she  reached the designated spot the lovely woman gets all nude keeping only her panties on as the cameras start rolling, and then she proceeds to pose around sensually while she takes those off too, spreading her legs and showing off her cunt for your eyes only. Watch her session today guys and enjoy, come back next week for more of her!


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